The first competition of its kind to be held in Switzerland, inviting participants from the dance fields of contemporary modern dance, salsa and hip-hop to take part in a dance competition aimed at raising funds for street children, orphans and poverty-stricken villages in Africa. We aim to empower Africans by creating projects in which they can sustain their own livelihoods and hence create special poverty alleviation projects.
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The Himbe Nomads of Namibia

This ancient civilization, true to its cultural traditions dating back thousands of years, is in desperate need of water access for its nomadic journeys through the Namibian Desert. Global warming and subsequent climate changes have affected their traditional sources of water for themselves and their livestock.
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Art Gallery for the promotion of Art from all Cultures

We have several donors who happen to be artists. As they are not able to donate funds to the foundation, we have accepted art donations from them. Exhibited in various galleries, they represent an alternative attempt to raise funds for some of our work in Africa. Through this platform, we also specialize and trade in traditional African crafts such as masks, Shona sculptures and wooden carvings. We also promote contemporary European and Asian art and photography.
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